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R.E.I.G.N. Services


We provide a number of services for artists, businesses and individuals in the local community

We have an experienced video production team whose goal is to capture our events as well as work on Music Videos, EPK’s, and other various multi-media projects promoting the local arts scene

For any video production needs, contact our media director, Ced Robles at

Check out  our full Video Channel

We have planned and aided in dozens of Music, Art, Fashion and performance related events

REIGN events are highly produced and organized, and we’ve worked with some of best Clubs/Venues throughout the valley including the Venue Scottsdale and the Crescent Ballroom.

We can help you or your business with planning, booking and promoting a successful event!

Contact us

We create, market and sell our own R.E.I.G.N. apparel and handle all our own graphic design needs for our various events and projects

We can help you create your own graphic apparel, or handle web or marketing graphic design needs!

Contact us at