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 I’m Drippy. I love music as a life long passion. I’ve been involved with music ever since I was 6 years old and started playing trumpet in the elementary band thanks to my loving parents. I enjoyed the playing the trumpet and took it all the way to high school band to enjoy 2 full years of high school band power. I enjoyed it very much and ended up playing bass guitar and singing in the choir for my last 2 years. Music has always been a part of my life and making beats and coming up with expressive lyrics has been an awesome experience. I try to create music across any aspect and create music for what it truly is, expressive art. Every song makes you feel differently, and I know I can deliver a wide range of musical sounds and beats that will drive the music force to the next era. I believe music is the expression of the people, the inner voice of society.

I would love to make musical scores for movies as well, I’ve spent hours on long tracks that I feel can be broken up and fed to many. Its time for the people to be heard once again, we all have something to say, and I feel music is one of the most powerful ways to accomplish just that. -DriPpy




Check out Drippy’s music via his soundcloud

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