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Sassy and the Sneak Attack


“Sassy” aka Venessa Mendez is a native of Phoenix Arizona. Starting out as a local free lance vocalist singing in various bands around town Sassy was searching for her niche in the music industry.  She acquired a music business degree and originally wanted work in A&R and behind the scenes. However, during her journey she met funk musician Chris Starks aka Basshead, who encouraged Sassy to perform and exposed her to  new relms of inspiration and joined a funk soul band.

She joined a 12 piece band called Hot Birds and The Chili Sauce, it was then that solidified it for her and realized performing is what she truly had passion for and rightly fully earned the name Sassy.

Through this band she connected with Jeff Hatasch (trombone), Steve Limpert (trumpet), Dan Petrosino (drums), and later met Seth Gory (guitar), Chris Pena (keys) and Michael Moynihan (sax). All seasoned musicians in the Phoenix local music scene and all very good friends.

Sassy began creating original ideas vocally and lyrically then collaborated with Chris Starks and Seth Gory to bring their music to the next level.  The sound of Sassy and the sneak attack is still and will always be evolving from jazz- funk-neo soul to hip hop electro with a musical theater twist… with the collaboration of these passionate and creative musicians the possiblities are limitless!