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Joshua Murphy

I have always been an artist but it was not until I found digital that my passion for it truly came alive. I unfortunately spent too many of my youthful years working in advertising as my day job and trying to drink away the disgust I felt at night, just so I could get up and do it all over again. The years of this dreadful daily routine, night after endless night at the bar stool, countless jobs in countless cities and the endless sea of new faces has finally found a home in my artwork.

As a digital artist I work in a medium that is perceived as very cold and impersonal. It is my goal to make sure each piece I produce comes from a place of honesty, personal exploration and passion. My work is inspired by an unrelenting passion for living and exploring those dark places and ideas we don’t talk about at cocktail parties. I try to create things on a deeper more internal level that can touch people inĀ  a more personal way. Most of the work that I do comes from a feeling of escaping a life I no longer wanted and growing into my own man.

I still do graphic design work to support myself but I am much more selective with the clients I work with and I do it out of my own studio on my own terms. One day I hope to never, ever, ever have to work for another client again and be able to make a living selling my artwork and sharing my experiences with you lovely people.

Joshua Murphy is an award winning American artist, graphic designer, photographer and writer. He was recently named RAW Phoenix artist of the year.

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