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Noreen Ayon

Hi, my name is Noreen Ayonayon. I’m a 21yr old self taught Painter/Tattoo Artist. I’ve been painting for about 5yrs now and doing tattoos for almost 3yrs. I prefer to paint with oil however I can paint with any other medium. From airbrushing to graff art, watercolors to deco markers,ect ect… I build, I make interior decor. I have never attended art school. I currently work at Purgatory Tattoo, I also have a shop under construction in south phoenix, that I intend to turn into an art house. I will not do anything, as far as profession, that does not involve art. Id say ( in a very down to earth tone) that I’m truly an artist in every sense of the word. Art is who I am.

Well that’s a little bit about me I hope you enjoy my art :) Thank you.