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Matty Dubs releases “Sick and Twisted”


Tempe MC (and current ASU Student) Matt Walder aka Matty Dubs just released his latest mixtape project: “Sick and Twisted“.

It’s Dubs remixed versions of many well known tracks, including his take at Kanye West’s “Clique”. We think Dubs MORE than holds his own

He recently gave us a quick overview of his creative process for this project:

“This Mixtape, is just like a show and tell type of thing for me. I never really do these things thinking, oh damn this about to be my album, because it’s all about getting my name out there. I feel like you can see a lot of old Wale, some Kanye, Pusha T and a little A$AP Rocky in this mixtape. I chose beats that really clicked with how I felt at the moment…”

“I call it Sick and Twisted, because of the fact that I was in a weird mental state while I was writing. I couldn’t help but get distracted…”

“I would have to say its hard to pick a favorite track from the mixtape, because each one means something different to me, but I think it would have to be either 3 Kings or Shot caller. I was just in a different mood and zone when I wrote those, and it felt like super hip-hoppy (if that’s a word) when I was writing it. Like damn is this what biggie felt like when he had a hard verse, or like damn I think I went in harder than the original track. I don’t take much serious but my music and I think those tracks show a different side of me people don’t normally see or hear me talk about, especially on 3 kings I went deep on that one”

Hip hop fans, give the mixtape a listen and let us know what you think:


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